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"By making sense of trauma and giving meaning to our difficult experiences, we can all learn to flourish - the potential for growth, despite loss and adversity is within all of us."

Dr Louise Langman

And flourishing is not a trait or a characteristic; it’s not something that you “either have or don’t have.” It is a process that requires action. Anyone can flourish, but it will likely require some effort to get there.

synonyms: grow, thrive, prosper, develop, 

do well, develop, increase, multiply, proliferate

Who can refer?


We accept referrals from GPs & allied health professionals as well as self-referral. Please contact us to book your initial consultation & see how we can help you, or or your organisation to flourish.  In line with government guidelines, we now  offer tele-therapy services including online therapy & zoom meeting consultations & workshops.

Clinical psychologist, Dr. Louise Langman founded Flourish Psychology in March 2015.


Her aim in creating Flourish was to improve access to independent psychological services across the lifespan. 


She believes strongly in running the company based on the highest ethical and professional standards.


She believes that we each have the right to and the capacity to thrive and achieve optimal health.

Flourish Psychology Live Life Well

Why choose Flourish?


Dr Langman is an experienced clinical psychologist who is registered with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) and holds Chartered Status with the British Psychological Society (BPS).  She is an Associate Fellow of the Society and is actively involved with the South West of England Branch. 


Flourish provides a competitive and cost effective service for individuals, groups and organisations.  The price of the sessions will vary according to the type and length of the service provided.  It is also common for psychological services to be funded by health insurance companies. Dr Langman is currently a registered provider for BUPA, Aviva, Vitality and Beneden Health. Please contact us for further information about our fee structure.


At Flourish we understand that waiting times and inconsistent service provision can increase the distress that individuals and families experience in accessing reliable and professional support.  We therefore take self-referral from individuals, health and medical professionals, organisations, businesses and voluntary agencies. Flourish can co-ordinate your case, ensuring an efficient, professional and proactive service from start to finish.

I'm so grateful to continue with online therapy with Dr Langman during this pandemic.  I have been able to cope with all the worry and uncertainty.  I am sharing the techniques with my friends and family too now.
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