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Flourish through psychology

Flourish Psychology is a dynamic and family-friendly psychological service providing clinical, community-based and corporate mental health services to the South West of England. We provide professional, evidence-based individual and group therapy to individuals of all ages across the spectrum of psychological distress and relational difficulties, in a positive and supportive environment. We also offer training and workshops to individuals, groups and organisations with a desire to reach their potential and experience well-being and resilience in all facets of life.

Flourish through talking therapy

At Flourish we offer a range of talking therapies to help you understand more about yourself, improve your relationships and get more out of life. Therapy can be especially useful in helping people with long-term or recurring problems to understand more about what factors may maintain the difficulties being faced. Your psychologist will tailor the therapy to your individual needs by drawing on a range of models that they are accredited in, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), compassion-focussed therapy, or those grounded in mindfulness and attachment theory, such as DBT or DDP.

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