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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service provided by Flourish Psychology Ltd




1. Professional standards of practice

2. Confidentiality

3. Finance

4. Email and telephone contact

5. Prior to your initial appointment

6. Anti-Discrimination Policy

7. Health and Safety

8. Complaints

9. Consent



1. Professional standards of practice


1.1 Your clinical psychologist is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and must comply with a range of standards of conduct, performance and ethics in order to maintain their practicing registration


1.2 Your clinical psychologist is chartered by the British Psychological Society ( and abides by their recently updated code of Ethics ( which focuses on four primary ethical principles:

  • respect

  • competence

  • responsibility

  • integrity


2. Confidentiality


2.1 Your clinical psychologist respects the boundaries of confidentiality and will not disclose information to a 3rd party unless legally bound to do so. For example, in the case of child protection or unlawful acts.


2.2 Your clinical psychologist will keep all personal information securely and is registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO). Dr Langman’s data protection registration number is Z2966935.


2.3 The European Union recently approved and adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (also known as the GDPR), which is a regulation, intended to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU. It aims to protect your fundamental right to privacy and the protection of your personal data.  Flourish is GDPR compliant.  Please see our privacy policy for more information about how we protect your data.


2.4 Your clinical psychologist will only pass on information to a 3rd party (usually as a report) when requested to do so and will enlist your agreement to do this.  It is best practice to write to your GP in order to inform and involve them with your ongoing treatment plan.


2.5 If specific information is not to be disclosed in the report you must make this clear before the report is written.  Your clinical psychologist will usually write reports with your collaboration in order to promote transparency and honesty through the therapy process.


3. Finance


These terms and conditions explain how we work, the applicable charges for the service we offer and cancellation / disengagement fees applicable if they are not taken up. 


3.1 Self-funding


If you are paying for your services yourself, payment for each consultation should be made in advance of the appointment by bank transfer to Flourish Psychology Ltd, Nat West Business Account number: 4642 9697 Sort code: 56-00-63.  Please use your last name and invoice number or date of contact as the reference, so that the payment can be easily identified.


3.2 Private healthcare funding


3.2.1 Your clinical psychologist is registered as a clinical practitioner with a number of healthcare providers including BUPA, Beneden Health, Aviva, and Vitality Health.  Each provider and every healthcare plan has different rules and regulations of engagement. 


3.2.2 As the insurance policy holder, it is your responsibility to check with your insurer to confirm how much will be covered by them. 


3.2.3 We ask that you provide us with an authorisation code and membership details in order to proceed to your initial appointment. 


3.2.4 If you are using a private health care provider to pay for all or part of the fee you have the responsibility to pay the remainder of the fee owed.  Often there is an excess fee which is payable by the individual or employer in order to begin services.


3.2.5 Payment for cancelled appointments or for any failure to attend without prior notice may be your responsibility to pay.


3.3 Fees


At Flourish we are open and honest about fees, as we understand that financial resources may be very limited.  Fees vary according to the type of service required and whether treatment is self-funded or funded by a health insurance company. 


Please contact us directly to confirm the fee that your service will attract. Generally fees fall into the category of:


Ψ Bespoke individual clinical psychology initial consultation, including

  • review of pre-session questionnaires

  • licensed administration of bespoke psychometrics, scoring, analysis and interpretation;

  • review of related social/ educational/ developmental/ medical history;

  • face to face clinical consultation, in person or using zoom video

  • summary formulation report for client & GP

  • £215

  • Follow up consultations

  • £150

Ψ Bespoke clinical psychology family consultation, including

  • review of pre-session questionnaires

  • review of related medical/ social/ educational/ developmental history;

  • clinical consultation

  • summary report for family & GP

  • £150

Ψ Bespoke clinical psychology couples consultation, including

  • review of pre-session questionnaires

  • review of related medical, social, educational, developmental history;

  • clinical consultation

  • £150

Ψ Short assessment (non-specific) from £495

Ψ Full cognitive assessment from £1020

Ψ Training £875 per day (plus travel & expenses)

Ψ Schools observation £350 per morning or afternoon

Ψ Travel time £45 per hour plus 45p/mile


3.4 Engagement of services


We are not an NHS service and do not receive any funding or grants. As such we cannot sustain a practice without covering our administration costs.  Therefore following acceptance of your case referral, if you decide to cancel your first appointment and disengage from the service being offered, an administration charge of £35.00 will apply & will be due for payment within 7 days. 


3.5 Cancellations


3.5.1 Cancellations for appointments made with more than 48 hours (i.e. 2 working days) notice will not attract cancellation fees.


3.5.2 Any cancellations made with less than 48 hours (i.e. 2 working days) notice will be charged at full rate*


3.5.3 Any failure to attend without notice will be charged at the full rate*


3.5.4 Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice, or failures to attend are likely to be counted as one of your designated appointments if a health insurance company is providing funding.


4. Email and Telephone Policy


4.1 If necessary, your clinical psychologist can receive email communication in the form of confidential reports and letters, and/or additional information.  However, reviewing the content of such documents will attract your agreed hourly fee and will be added to your next invoice.  Telephone calls will also attract your agreed hourly fee.


4.2 Your clinical psychologist cannot guarantee rapid responses to email communication due to the high volume of emails that your psychologist receives.


4.3 It is important to be aware that communications of a clinical nature and especially clinical decision-making will not be encouraged or engaged in by your clinical psychologist via email and telephone.  In our experience clinical conversations are best communicated, understood and processed face to face during your scheduled appointment time.


5. Prior to your initial appointment


Prior to your first appointment we may send you a questionnaire to complete to help us more fully understand the background to your current concerns.  This is a detailed document about your situation or that of your family and we ask that it is completed and scanned and then returned by email or by post prior to your first appointment.


6. Anti-Discrimination Policy


Your clinical psychologist values people for their differences and will promote self worth around any differences that a person may feel have affected them in the past. These may be around their sexual preference or orientation, mental health status, political or religious belief, age, gender or ethnicity.


7. Health and Safety


Your clinical psychologist will take the utmost care and due diligence when working with clients whether this be in their homes, schools or clinic based settings.  In any school or clinic setting your clinical psychologist will adhere to all the health and safety regulations that are applied to the building and organisation.


8. Complaints


We hope you will never have to complain about the service provided by Flourish but if you do have a concern please put it in writing to your psychologist at your earliest convenience or to the Clinical Director, Dr. Louise Langman.  Alternatively you can make a complaint via the British Psychological Society or Health and Care Professions Council, Professional Registration Bodies websites detailed in the beginning of this document.


Consent to treatment


If you have questions about any of the content of this document, please contact our administrator, on 01752 306 601 who can provide clarification.


Please sign here to confirm that you have read, understood and accept the terms and conditions.


Signature        __________________________________


Print name      __________________________________


Date                __________________


Thank you for reading and completing this form. 


Please return by post to:


Dr Louise Langman, Clinical Director,

Flourish Psychology

Plymouth Business Centre, Unit 8

2 Cattedown Road, Plymouth PL4 0EG


or alternatively print, sign, scan and email the signed document to:

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